Agricultural grass seed, amenity seed, forage & maize 

Welcome to Whittal Seeds Ltd. We are Independent Farmers specialising in the growth, processing and retailing of grass seed. As farmers ourselves we have been growing grass seed since 1935 and our venture into selling direct to farmers began in 2011. We supply Grass Seeds, Lawn Seed, and Forage & Root Crops. Our seed is tested to the highest National and international standards.

Whittal Seeds believe they can offer an excellent service to the farming community, which is personal, local and versatile, all factors which are appreciated by farmers and not always offered by multi-national organisations. Our Grass Roots Seed Mixtures are high quality competitively priced and address many fundamental issues such as carbon footprint, supporting local communities and investing in the future of farming.


Philip Whittal

Our aim is to produce quality products at competitive prices that exceed expectations.

Philip Whittal - Managing Director at Whittal Seeds